Hazmat Services

Hazmat Services

Listing of hazmat services provided by hazardous cleaning solutions

HP Washing of Contaminated Areas Professional teams will remediate or clean a contaminated area which has been affected by a hazardous material.
Site Clearance  We offer a full range of services for site clean-ups after fire damage, annual clean-ups during shut -down and for companies leaving old premises or occupying new premises.
Sump or Oil Pit Draining and Cleaning We have a range of methods and equipment to ensure an effective draining and cleaning of any oil containment sump or pit.
Tank Cleaning (Confined Space) Our trained competent staff are able to assist a client with any confined space cleaning operation that requires breathing apparatus combined with essential equipment to ensure a safe operation.
Effluent Collection and Treatment We can collect and treat any effluent waste problem a client might have. It can just be effluent waste water or waste water contaminated with oil
Super Sucker Services We have super sucker capabilities for any job which exceeds the capability of our operational pumps and for rapid response should a client require such services.
Pump Transfers (Tanker to Tanker or Tanker to Fixed Storage) Our trained teams are ready to assist you with any bulk liquid transfer you may require. We have all necessary transfer equipment for a safe job.
Asbestos Abatement Our trained staff have completed various asbestos removal projects from roofing down to cladding such as on boilers.
Hazardous Waste Disposal We can assist you with all your legal requirements as a hazardous waste generator to ensure that you comply with current legislation and that all waste is transferred to registered disposal facilities and correct safe disposal documentation is issued to client.
Bio-Remediation We have superior techniques for the treatment and rehabilitation of soil contaminated with oil which ensures that an accident or mistake by a client does not result in long term damage to the environment.
Environmental Pollution Control Products We stock a full range of environmental pollution control products which can provide preventitive measures or be kept on site to provide an immediate response to an accidental spillage I.E. Spill kits, absorbents, booms, repair putties and degreasers.
Oil and Water Separation Installations We provide fixed installation oil and water separators that provide a full time treatment of a clients waste effluent.This ensures that water contaminated with oil is treated and only water that adheres to local municipal standards enters the storm water system while the oil is collected to either be reused or recycled.

Nb! All these services provided by Hazsol will be assessed by a competent representative and an accurate quote issued which is specific to the client’s needs. We take into account all factors and ensure that our quote will be cost effective without sacrificing quality of service and ensuring that the client gets their desired results. All assessments are free of charge so don’t hesitate to give us a call and take the step to ensuring that your impact on our precious environment is only a good one.

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