Waste Management & Recycling

Waste Management & Recycling

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Hazsol provide a waste management & recycling solution for all. We place our trained waste management teams on our clients’ premises where, in conjunction with the relevant company representatives, we devise a proper waste management plan for the specific requirements of the company.

Central to the plan is the reuse of any waste resources within the organization, if possible . Our next step is to recover all recyclable products such as cans, cardboard, and plastics. These are then transported to our waste management depot in gauteng where, under supervised conditions, the waste is either crushed shredded or baled and moved on to the end users for further use as a recycled product. This process ensures that the client complies with all the relevant waste management legislation, improves their carbon footprint rating and guarantees an income for the client from the recyclables.

Recycling Solutions

Hazsol has recently implemented reverse logistics solutions for packaging in a number of large companies.

Boxes are collected on a regular basis, sorted by specification, refurbished and prepared for delivery back to original user if required.

This service is available to users in all industries where corrugated boxes are used to get product to markets! Whether it is factory to producer or producer to retail, this service ensures that you will have that same box back for another cycle very soon!

Reverse logistics makes economical sense!

Cardboard box reuse is one of the finest examples of recycling and reuse available today, it reduces the demand for paper and energy and pays the original user more than waste paper recyclers. It is the best financial and environmental solution for your cardboard waste.

The original user benefits due to the fact that it reduces its packaging cost as well as it’s carbon footprint when re-using boxes.

Less trees needs to be cut down or less boxes needs to be recycled.

The end user gets a higher price for the box than what a recycler would offer him and also reduces his carbon footprint.

We also have recycling solutions for almost all materials.

PALLETS: We can supply a limited amount of used pallets. Contact Debbie on 011 397 1224 for pricing for pallets.

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